Tiny houses and stories about them seem to popping up everywhere.  Tiny house living embodies the concepts of minimalism and simple living. Many tiny house residents reveal their ability to more clearly focus on their values while living tiny. Since the upkeep and costs of their homes have been minimized, people reportedly have more time to focus on their relationships and hobbies and less time on commuting and work.

So what exactly is a Tiny House?

According to Wikipedia, tiny houses are generally residential structures that are 500 square feet or less, yet there is not a set definition. In fact, many tiny houses measure less than 300 square feet.

In a culture that emphasizes consumption, materialism and waste generation, tiny house living seems like a breath of freedom and simplification. Even if we don’t live in a tiny house, we can still embrace these ideas. Take a step each day toward your own form of removing the clutter from your physical space and mind. Take a deep breath of freedom and refocus on your own personal values. Stop and think before you buy or throw away. Do I already have something that can fill this need? Can someone else use what I no longer need?

Simple Shelters fill other needs

When we started developing the idea of Simple Shelters, we did a lot of research on tiny houses. While I am still fascinated by the tiny house structures, I realize that living in a tiny space is not always realistic or desired. Sometimes we need a small space away from our homes that fill a very specific purpose.

For example, we quickly out grew our in-home office with three growing children. Now, our home office is just a few steps away yet outside of our home. This space is dedicated to work. It is quiet here- a place to focus and spread our stuff out!!

Whether you want to build tiny or simple or just create an intentional space, share your ideas with us.  Maybe we can help you create it!