Tiny house on wheels… here we go!

My in-laws are building their dream home. They chose a beautiful location with lake views to the east and an open field to the west. It is a gently sloping landscape with cattail wetlands, big swooping willow trees, and wildlife habitat for migrating birds, deer, pheasants, and foxes. And best yet, it is right around the corner from our house!

During the up coming year while building their new home, they decided a tiny house on wheels would be a good place to set up “camp” on the property. After their home is built, they are all set with a tiny house guesthouse for family and friends who visit.

Why Build a Tiny House?

You design the interior

Any Simple Shelter, including a tiny house on wheels, is different from a mobile home, fish house, or RV in that it is custom built for you. You choose the layout, design, interior products and finishes.

The finish selections are all up to you because a Simple Shelter is built to meet your needs. Of course, we always have suggestions and resources to share if you need help making those choices!

Win-win for people and the planet

Building a tiny house can inherently be a good choice when considering the environmental impact. Creating a Simple Shelter can meet the needs of people while respecting the natural world.

Sustainable building is a high priority for our company. This particular tiny house model was built with re-purposed wood and flooring, so we could conserve resources. The stains and paints are all low and no VOC because we want the interior air quality to be safe.

More Affordable

Building a small structure uses less material, obviously, so the tiny house cost is lower. You can build a very simple, affordable structure with out plumbing and electricity. Yet the choice of finish materials and utilities directly affects the cost. Building codes are different for a structure on a trailer, so there can be more flexibility to keep costs low.

Why a Tiny House on Wheels?

An affordable cabin/ cottage

While I love the tiny house movement, my family of 5 is NOT excited about living tiny. But there are many uses for small, intentionally constructed space.

For instance, we have some recreational land in southern Minnesota. The area is ripe with outdoor activities like biking, river kayaking, and fishing. My husband and friends trout fish there every year and our family camps there during the summer. A Simple Shelter tiny house on wheels may just find a home there soon!

Temporary use

Since this tiny house is on wheels, it is somewhat transportable. It will temporarily reside at my in-laws property. After their house is built, we can just hitch it up and relocate it.

In Minnesota, we have four ephemeral seasons and our activities change with each one. Resort owners and outdoor enthusiasts move from summer activities to winter fun and may need to move tiny houses for rent to accommodate changing needs. Staying in a tiny house is a great vacation option because you are invited to pack light and focus on things to do outside. Building on wheels is essential if you want to move the structure for seasonal or temporary use.

Are you curious about our Simple Shelter tiny house on wheels? Ask me more about it!