Minneapolis Majesty

This 1886 Queen Anne Victorian home had been converted to a triplex over the years and was badly neglected. When the current homeowners purchased the house, they planned to tear it down and re-build. The neighborhood association quickly got involved, however, and the city eventually designated the home as “historically significant.” Tearing it down was no longer an option for the owners. The homeowners abandoned their initial idea, and became determined to renovate the existing structure in a sustainable way. They turned to Open Air Concepts because of our knowledge and experience in using sustainable remodeling techniques and materials. Open Air Concepts also brought experiences of integrating modern materials and amenities into historic homes.This Queen Anne Victorian home remodel is LEED silver certified through the LEED Gut & Rehab program.

Moving Up

This tiny 50’s rambler suffered from neglect and a floor plan that did not meet the needs of a modern family. A whole house remodel transformed this home.Open Air Concepts worked closely with the architect during the design phase to ensure the additional space met the needs of an expanding family, while staying with in the proposed budget. An added second story allowed for a master suite and additional bedrooms. By moving up, new space was added without changing the home’s footprint and created an exterior style that reflects the style of the neighborhood.

Family Friendly Phases

These homeowners found a new home in the perfect location, but they knew the house was not perfect. They turned to Open Air Concepts to plan their remodel in phases. The homeowners were then able to achieve their remodeling needs while minimizing disruption to their lives and budget.In phase one, Open Air Concepts remodeled the lower level to include an entertainment area. In phase 2, the family room walls were opened to the entry and dining area. The family room wall of windows overlooking the backyard provided natural light and opened up the feel of the entire main floor. Finally in phase 3, the entire kitchen was remodeled to suit their style and needs. The result was a newly remodeled home completed over time to minimize potential stress for the homeowners.

Painter’s Canvas

This condo owner used her artistic background to create a unique design for her remodel. While she had a clear idea of color and style, she turned to Open Air Concepts to design the structural components and manage all aspects of the remodel. This homeowner expressed her gratitude for Jake Nau’s expertise in organizing all the details of her project. Jake also successfully incorporated the homeowner’s refurbished fixtures into the design. The finished condo is a work of art appreciated by the owner

Artist’s Atelier

This creative homeowner wanted a room to work on her art and hobbies yet wanted this new space to meld smoothly into the existing home. Creating efficient workspaces and storage while adding the client’s flair for design was the task at hand. Open Air Concepts was invited to help with the design and construction. The result is a creative room open to natural light and a beautiful view of the surrounding property. The new addition was added to the front of the house, yet balances perfectly with the existing design

Built Green to Last

The goal was to update this whole house using sustainable design and products throughout.These are some key sustainability components that Open Air Concepts included in the remodel are water and energy conservation. During the construction phases of the remodel, Open Air Concepts reduced the impact of the project by conserving, reusing, or recycling resources. The project was certified by Green Built Home. Green Built Home is a national award-winning green building initiative that reviews and certifies remodeling projects that meet sustainable building and energy standards.