Simple Shelters & Accessory Dwelling Units

An Intentional Space With a Small Footprint

What is a Simple Shelter?

Perhaps you desire a space that has a dedicated purpose, such as:

  • Guest house
  • Home office
  • Play house
  • Meditation or yoga studio
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Sauna
  • Cabin retreat

Each Simple Shelter is unique.

Every person has his/ her own needs and desires, and each shelter is customized for each individual. In designing small spaces, a deep understanding of human use is necessary as space is minimized.

Simple Shelters have a small footprint.

These smaller buildings ease into surrounding environments with little disruption.They can be built in back yards as an Accessory Dwelling Units. They can be designed specifically to your unique location in order to minimize disruption to natural features.


Taking Inquires for Spring 2018

  • All models can be customized to fit your unique needs

  • Most Simple Shelters are $25,000-$50,000

  • Base floor plans are perfect for the DIY’s to finish

  • Optional solar panels

  • Endless customization options

  • Perfect for landowners creating a mini retreat

  • Create a unique space on your existing property

We are a professional building contractor located in the West Metro of Minnesota. We take pride in our craftsmanship and focus on sustainability.

Please contact us with any questions or for more information about your Simple Shelter.

Simple Shelters - Inquires

The Guest House

The Guest House is perfect as a guest house or aging relative apartment or a cabin retreat. This design is complete with a small kitchenette, bathroom and sleeping loft for 2-4 people.

The Backyard Office

A back yard office provides a quiet space to work. Perhaps you need a dedicated space to meet with clients, work on a hobby, or meditate. The Office is a space that is within reach of your home, but has a separate, intentional use

The Sauna

When you consider all the health benefits of sauna, having this spa like experience just a few steps from your home may be a dream come true. Choose from a few heat source options, including infrared, electric, and wood burning.